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Allegheny County Health Department's Requirements Related to Green Infrastructure

The Allegheny County Health Department’s (ACHD’s) current regulations for using green infrastructure in managing storm drainage for residential and commercial installations can be found in the Allegheny County Health Department Plumbing Code Article XV “Storm Drainage” (Chapter 11, Section 1101) This code (excerpted below) has specific language related to green infrastructure:

AC1 101.2 Where required. All roofs, paved areas, yards, courts, courtyards, or areas using a topping or finish capable of collecting water shall be drained into a separate storm sewer system, or a combined sewer system, as per Section AC 1104.2, where such systems are available. Alternatively, as a green initiative, structural and non-structural storm water management practices separate from a storm sewer or combination sewer may be employed as they comply with Document 363-0300-002 Best Management Practices for Stormwater Management issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection available electronically at or are of a best management practice design that meets or exceeds the requirements of the above noted document and meet the requirements of the Administrative Authority and the local municipality. If there is no storm or combined sewer available for such drains, or if an individual chooses to construct an alternative system specified above, then the water from said drains shall be conducted by proper pipe or pipes below the surface of the sidewalk, to the street gutter or to a place of disposal satisfactory to the Administrative Authority, where the local municipality has no ordinance or regulation in place, and in accordance with any other plans or ordinances adopted under the Storm Water Management Act, 1978, October 4, P.L. 864, No. 167, or other ordinances or regulations of the municipality involved. In no case shall collected surface or storm water be allowed to drain over sidewalks or driveways, or onto adjacent properties where the water can create soil erosion or have adverse effects on a structure.

Please note that if you view the International Code Council (ICC) plumbing code text, it currently does not include this language.  The ICC plumbing code is still in the process of being updated, and until it is produced as a single booklet that includes the Allegheny County Plumbing Code Article XV, ACHD recommends referencing the County’s code regarding green infrastructure on its website.