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GReen Stormwater Infrastructure Suitability criteriaDrainage Area (Acres)Drainge Slope (%)Impervious (%)Hydrological Soil GroupWater Table Depth (ft)Road Buffer (ft)Stream Buffer (ft)Building Buffer (ft)
Bioretention< 2< 5> 0A-D> 2> 5> 25> 15
Constructed Wetland / Wet Pond< 25< 15> 0B-D> 2> 25> 100> 100
Grassed Swale / Bioswale<5<4n/aA-D> 2< 100n/a> 15
Infiltration Basin / Trench< 10< 15n/aA-B> 4> 25> 100> 25
Porous Pavement (Concrete/Asphalt) / Permeable Interlocking Paver< 3< 5> 0A-D> 2n/a> 100n/a
Vegetated Filter Strip / Grass Buffern/a< 15> 0A-D> 4n/a> 100n/a

The EPA provides source code and an off-the-shelf Esri ArcGIS toolbox for conducting this analysis [note: as of 2016, the tool is no longer being maintained by the EPA]. More info on SUSTAIN methodology can be found on the US EPA website. Contact mwolinsky@3rww.org for more information about the model. Contact mwolinsky@3rww.org for more information about 3RWW's model run.