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Rainfall Data Downloads

Download Rain Gauge Data (QA/QC'd by ALCOSAN) and Calibrated Radar Rainfall data (QA/QC'd by Vieux Associates).

Rain Gauge
Pixel/Basin EOM Datasets (15-Min)
Pixel/Basin EOM Datasets (5-Min)
2019-February   Download
2019-Jan   Download


What You Get in the Rain Gauge download

The Rain Gauge data download is a CSV file containing rainfall measurements recorded at 15 minute intervals captured from the rain gauge system. Each table is QA/QC'd by ALCOSAN.

What You Get in the Pixel/Basin EOM Dataset download

Each Pixel/Basin EOM Dataset download (5 or 15-Min) is a zip file that contains:

  • Shapefiles (folder)
    • 1km-grid_3rww_2313_sp.shp - gauge adjusted radar rainfall analysis pixels 
    • rfmgrossdelineations_sp.shp
    • rfmsheds_withnonrfmareas_sp.shp
  • MMMYYY_DelinID_15min.zip or MMMYYY_DelinID_5min.zip, where MMMYYYY is Month Year (e.g., Mar2019)
    • rainfall by sewershed. Each sewershed is a single CSV file in the zip file.
    • this data will join to the rfmsheds_withnonrfmareas_sp.shp shapefile
  • MMMYYY_DS_METERNA_15min.zip or MMMYYY_DS_METERNA_5min.zip, where MMMYYYY is Month Year (e.g., "Mar2019" )
    • rainfall by flow monitor. Each flow monitor is a single CSV file in the zip file.
    • this data will join to the rfmgrossdelineations_sp.shp shapefile
  • RYYMM_pixels_15min.zip or RYYMM_pixels_5min.zip, where YYMM is Year Month (e.g., "1903" is March 2019) 
    • rainfall by pixel for the month.
    • Each pixel is a single CSV file in the zip file.
    • this data will join to the 1km-grid_3rww_2313_sp.shp shapefile

Don't want to manually download rainfall data? Get it programmtically via the Rainfall REST API.