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Municipal Demonstration Projects

From 1998-2000, 3RWW granted municipalities funding to complete projects in their municipalities that demonstrated and benchmarked new and cost-effective sewer techniques for manhole rehabilitation, sewer replacement,  I/I reduction and pipe bursting among others. Other projects included governance issues such as an authority merger study and trunk sewer agreements. Each project includes as summary and final report if available. 

  • Application of Ceramic Membrane Filtration to Combined and Sanitary Sewer Overflows
  • Center Avenue (McDonald) Area Sanitary Sewer Replacement
  • Development of a Long-Term Control Plan (LTCP) for the Lower Nine-Mile Run Watershed
  • Duff Street (Emsworth) Storm Sewer
  • Franklin Park/McCandless Township Sewer Authority Merger Study
  • Grouting of Area 6 (O’Hara Township)
  • Hastie Road (Castle Shannon) Subsystem Rehabilitation and Canal Street Sanitary Sewer Improvement Projects
  • Hunting Ridge (South Fayette) Wye Grouting Project
  • Investigation of Underground Abandoned Coal Mines as Storage Reservoirs for Wet Weather Overflows
  • Jack’s Run Comprehensive Sewershed-wide Wet Weather Control
  • Kiwanis Park and Willet Road Sanitary Sewer (Shaler Township) Rehabilitation Projects
  • Little Pine Creek Sewershed Pilot Program
  • Lower Lowries Run Interceptor I/I Assessment/Reduction
  • Lowries Run Sewer System I/I Abatement
  • Manhole Rehabilitation in Areas 3 & 9 (O’Hara Township)
  • McLaughlin Run Interceptor Investigation 
  • McNeilly Run Trunk Sewer Agreement
  • Painters Run (Scott Township) Parallel Replacement
  • Pesavento Drive (Bridgeville) Rehabilitation Project
  • Pine Hollow/Broadway Interceptor Project
  • Pipe Bursting Oneida Ave. to Ingomar Road (McCandless Township)
  • Robinson Run Geographic Information System (GIS) 
  • Route 50 Washington Pike Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation
  • Ruthfred Area Sanitary Sewer Replacement
  • Staged Repair and Monitoring of Sub-basin 3 (Oakdale)
  • Streets Run Watershed Trunk Sewer Project