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Interim Municipal Consent Orders

The 2004 Municipal Consent Orders expired March 30, 2015.  On March 27 PA Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP) sent a letter to all ALCOSAN Customer Municipalities and Authorities to provide additional time to explore flow reduction opportunities (the Phase I Interim Consent Order).  A second DEP letter, dated April 1, was sent to only sanitary sewer system communities and hybrid communities (communities with both sanitary and combined systems) and addressed how new connections to sewer collection systems subject to a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) will be controlled until a new consent order is requested by a municipality and executed.  

These Frequently Asked Questions provide municipalities with additional information to clarify the Interim Flow Reduction Consent Order process and goals.  The questions and responses were approved by PA DEP.   

If you have questions or need additional clarification please contact 3 Rivers Wet Weather. We will provide an on-going forum to provide general guidance and information through our regular semi-monthly Wet Weather Working Group (3WG) Meetings. Comments and questions will be gathered and reviewed by a designated sub-committee of the 3WG, and they will discuss any questions with appropriate personnel from PA DEP.  If you think you have questions unique to your municipality, you are encouraged to contact Chris Kriley, Program Manager of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s Clean Water Program, at (412) 442-4312, or by e-mail at ckriley@pa.gov